Sarasota Artificial Pet Turf Services

Timeless turf is easy to have in Sarasota.

About Our Pet Turf

Artificial pet turf is the perfect way to give your furry friend a safe, comfortable, and low-maintenance place to play. We use the highest-quality materials that look and feel like real grass. While it keeps the same general appearance of your lawn, it makes cleaning up after your pet easier with no mud, bugs, or weeds to worry about. Artificial pet turf is the perfect low-maintenance material for your furry friends’ outdoor space. We offer a wide variety of artificial pet turf options to choose from, and our installation and warranties will allow your pet to enjoy it for years to come.

The Benefits of an Eternaturf Lawn

Lush Green Grass

Say goodbye to dull, brown lawns and hello to a lush green oasis with Eternaturf artificial grass, designed to withstand even the most active pets.

Keep Pets Clean

Keep your home and pets clean no matter the weather with EternaTurf’s innovative design that keeps dirt and mud off your pets and your floors.


Our turf is able to absorb water and waste to leave no puddles behind after your pets play outside.

Controls Odors

Your pet won’t come inside with odd smells after playing on our turf.

Creates Healthy Environment

Provide your pets with a healthy environment free of fleas, ticks, and other pests with EternaTurf’s advanced turf technology.

Keeps Grass Cool

When your pets play in the heat, make sure that their feet stay cool and safe.

Our Unique Work

We at Eternaturf don’t just specialize in the installation of artificial turf. Our services include a variety of unique kinds of turf. The installation team understands the unique features of pet turf and knows every client has a different vision for their special pet. With years of experience behind us, we are committed to providing clients with the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about artificial pet turf and schedule a consultation.

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