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Founded in 2017, is to instal the best artificial grass turf for homes, businesses, sports fields, and more! We understand that everyone has different goals and ideals for their lawn, so we are committed to working with you to create a solution that is right for you. Our options include a variety of artificial turf options to choose from and will work with you to find the perfect plan for your style and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get started on your artificial turf project.

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Playground Turf Installation For John Paul Academy in Louisville

Artificial Landscape Turf

Professional Artificial<br />
Landscape Turf Company

Artificial landscape turf offers many benefits as an alternative to grass. It consistently brings out the best in your lawn without the maintenance of mowing, watering, and fertilizing. We upgrade landscapes with high-quality artificial turf so you need no maintenance for your landscape to stay looking incredible all year round.

Artificial Pet Turf

Professional Artificial Pet Turf Company

Seeing your pet run around in your yard can bring so much joy. Cleaning up the yard afterward, however, is not as much fun. Pets can cause damage to grass and add an extra step to maintaining your lawn. Make life easier by installing artificial turf for your pet areas!

Artificial Sports Turf

Professional Sports Field Artificial Turf Company

Turf is the best option for almost any sport you play. Its durability means it can support games with minimal maintenance. For easy and affordable sports turf installation, Eternaturf is the company for you.

Artificial Putting Greens

Professional Artificial Turf Putting Greens Company

Looking to practice golf without having to drive out to your local golf course? Install a putting green right in your own yard! Perfect your short game with an artificial turf golf green that has a realistic ball roll.

Artificial Playground Turf

Professional Playground Artificial Turf Company

Playgrounds have to be built on a durable material that will keep kids safe and allow them to play all day. Artificial turf is the best solution! Keep the kids protected from falls, bugs, and chemicals by installing non-toxic artificial turf on your playground.

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Artificial Landscape Work

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of installing artificial turf over natural grass?

Artificial turf offers numerous benefits including minimal maintenance, no watering or mowing required, and consistent aesthetic appeal regardless of the weather. It’s also cost-effective over the long term due to reduced upkeep expenses and is highly durable, often lasting 15-25 years with proper care.

How long does artificial turf last?

The lifespan of artificial turf typically ranges from 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the material and the intensity of its use. Regular maintenance and avoiding excessive heavy use can extend its life.

What is the installation process for artificial turf?

The installation process generally involves removing existing grass, preparing the base by compacting gravel or sand, ensuring proper drainage, laying the turf rolls, trimming edges to fit, and securing the seams with adhesive or tape. Finally, infill material is spread over the turf to keep it upright and stable.

Can artificial turf be installed on any surface?

Artificial turf can be installed on various surfaces including soil, concrete, asphalt, and wooden decks. Each surface might require a different preparation method to ensure stability and drainage.

How do I maintain my artificial turf to ensure it lasts?

Maintenance of artificial turf involves regular brushing to keep the blades upright, removing debris with a leaf blower or broom, and occasionally rinsing with water to remove dust and minor stains. Infills should also be topped up as needed.

Is artificial turf safe for pets and children?

Yes, modern artificial turf is made from non-toxic materials that are safe for both pets and children. It provides a durable, cushioned surface that helps to prevent injuries and can include antimicrobial properties to reduce odors and bacteria.

What types of artificial turf are available?

There are several types of artificial turf, varying in pile height, color, and blade shape, designed for different uses such as landscaping, sports fields, and pet areas. Each type has specific features suited for its intended use, like softer textures for play areas or more resilient blades for sports.

Does artificial turf drain well?

Artificial turf typically has excellent drainage, with perforations in the backing material to allow water to drain through to the base layer. Proper installation and base preparation ensure efficient drainage, even during heavy rainfall.

What is the cost of artificial turf installation per square foot?

The cost of artificial turf installation can vary widely depending on the quality of the turf and complexity of the installation process, typically ranging from $5 to $20 per square foot. This includes the cost of the turf itself, base materials, and labor.

Are there any environmentally friendly options for artificial turf?

Yes, there are environmentally friendly options available that use recycled materials for the backing and infill. Additionally, the reduction in water usage and chemical maintenance compared to natural grass contributes to its eco-friendliness.

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Whether we’re providing artificial turf services for your home or your commercial property, you can rely on our licensed and bonded team to satisfy your needs. Across all of our locations, we are the company to rely on for high-quality artificial turf services at reasonable prices. Transform your dreams of a luxury outdoor space into a reality with our turf!

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EternaTurf Louisville
Based on 30 reviews
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Brian VillierBrian Villier
15:26 11 Jan 24
The entire team was very easy to work with and communicate with. The installers were super friendly. The finished product looks and my three dogs love it!
Christopher FultonChristopher Fulton
19:11 29 Nov 23
Thanks again
Brittany ShaferBrittany Shafer
22:23 19 Sep 23
Amazing customer service, very professional, and the install was perfection!
Jessica BaileyJessica Bailey
18:08 14 Sep 23
BJ HendersonBJ Henderson
03:20 28 Aug 23
Chris Cathey and his crew are top notch! No job is to big or small for them. You can’t go wrong choosing them to complete your next project.
Shelly HammackShelly Hammack
19:00 26 Aug 23
Thank You Chris Cathey & Brandon Shafer for your Excellent Service and Professionalism.Phenomenal Work Gentlemen!!!!EternaTurf is the only way to go!
Sunday KumarSunday Kumar
22:17 24 Aug 23
We had an amazing experience with EternaTurf. From Chris coming out to see our space and provide a quote, to his guys making it a reality for us. Everyone was professional, responsive and truly went the extra mile for us. We couldn’t be happier with the final product. If you’re thinking about getting turf, I highly recommend this company. Awesome job guys!
Matt VernonMatt Vernon
21:38 06 Aug 23
For anyone looking for dog turf, putting greens, or anything in between I highly recommended calling Eternaturf. It’s been my experience working with contractors is painful at best. No follow-up, not showing up when told, etc. My experience with Chris and his team exceeded my expectations. From the initial meeting Chris walked me through step by step what to expect, and timelines and made sure we didn’t spend any more than we needed to. As it relates to the installation his team showed up on time extremely professional and friendly. We looked at many of the name brands and by far Eternaturf was the most cost-effective with premier quality. We couldn’t be happier.
Andrew SilvaAndrew Silva
16:52 02 Aug 23
Love. Hard workers and make sure the job is done right. My puppy never comes in dirty or stinky. Lovely the feel and I don’t itch as I’m allergic. Thank you to the best team!
EternaTurf Sarasota
Based on 11 reviews
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Tiffany CTiffany C
21:00 25 Apr 24
We are so happy that we chose to turf our backyard! What a difference it has made! Lexi was excellent at communicating and we are very happy with the end result. It completely transformed our backyard.
22:29 22 Mar 24
EternaTurf replaced my mulch throughout my whole yard and replaced with brown river rock and now all my neighbors want the same ! i will definitely be using them again !!!!
Savannah RickerSavannah Ricker
22:59 19 Mar 24
I had a great experience getting my yard done. It looks awesome! Definitely will be recommending this to everyone. 10/10
Brek KalkBrek Kalk
22:10 19 Mar 24
Highly recommend Eternaturf for anyone looking to beautify and enhance their outdoor space. The thought of never having to mow again is a dream come true.
Joshua HeltonJoshua Helton
01:11 06 Feb 24
Turfed my backyard with pet turf. High quality material, competitively priced, and Lexi was a pleasure to work with. Very efficient and knowledgeable

My puppy never comes in dirty or stinky. Love the feel and I don’t itch as I’m allergic. Thank you to the best team!

— Andrew Silva

Excellent work, on time, and great communication. All-around great service. Highly recommended!

— Jared Campbell

Very happy with the service and end product. Recommend for all your turf needs!
— Admin Yoder

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